Liberty Walk V.2 R35 GT-R ‘Guaczilla’

Sep 28, 2018Builds, Celebrity Builds0 comments

When Jorge from Bespoke Teknic approached us in early 2018 about Guaczilla 2.0, we began drafting the plans for what would eventually become one of the most outrageous GT-R builds on the planet. Though the thought of installing the Liberty Walk Version 2 kit seems far from groundbreaking, we set out to be the first company to fully mold the Japanese company’s kit to a car. Not satisfied with the ever-popular riveted flare trend, we decided to partner with Bespoke Teknik, ACG Automotive and SD Wrap to truly break the mold and deliver a car to Youtube sensation Tanner Fox that would stun the car community. The build took months of difficult work, especially perfecting the fitment while trying to protect the original body lines of the car. The Liberty Walk kit is designed to be very distinct and identifiable on their own, and they are not really made to flow seamlessly into the factory GT-R bodywork, so blending the two was a test of both talent and patience. Upon completion, the car was repainted in its beautiful factory Nismo Pearl White, and then received a striking green and matte black wrap for its SEMA debut. KW Clubsport 3 Ways, Michelin Pilot Cup 2s, Vossen wheels, and a gorgeous IPE titanium exhaust were also installed to support the 4.1 Liter AMS Alpha 9 engine build. The car was well received at the 2018 SEMA show and placed in Top 10 for the Sport Compact class of Battle of the Builders. Builds like this help us challenge ourselves, and really push the envelope of the aftermarket. We certainly hope Tanner enjoys the wonderful car we set out to create for him.

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