V8 E92 M3 Gets Velocity Stacks and Meistershaft GT Haus Exhaust

Mar 6, 2021Performance Modifications0 comments

There’s no doubt the 4.0L V8 BMW S65 engine is a beast, making 473 horsepower from the factory. With an engine like that, you’ll want to ditch the OEM exhaust to really hear that V8 engine roar.

Justin, a local San Diego military serviceman, came to us wanting the very common “OEM exhaust mod”. This mod allows you to get more sound and flow from the factory exhaust by cutting open the muffler and replacing the perforated pipes with solid ones. This is a great mod for those who want to get slightly more sound from their cars without being unnecessarily loud or adding drone. This mod usually gives the exhaust a deeper sound and adds around 10-15% more volume.

However, after Justin came in and heard about the performance benefits of a full exhaust system, Justin decided to go with the GT Haus Meistershaft Exhaust. This system is one of the best you can get for the S65 platform. Not only does it offer ample performance gains by relieving backpressure, it will turn heads with the aggressive sound. The best part about this exhaust is that it’s valved. With the press of a button, you can go OEM quiet when you need to. When you want to put your foot down, open the exhaust valves and hear the engine roar.



But this wasn’t it for Justin, he decided to go with our 2M Autowerks Billet CNC Aluminum Velocity Stacks. Velocity stacks can offer huge performance gains, while also giving your engine an incredible sound. With the velocity stacks installed, a custom heat shield made, and a tune by RK Tunes to finish it off, Justin was ready to go. With these performance mods installed, Justin will be ready to tear up the streets or the track with the insane sound of his naturally aspirated V8 engine!


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