San Diego Bimmerfest 2021 Recap

Aug 28, 2021Events0 comments

If you are a BMW enthusiast, chances are you have heard of Bimmerfest. It’s one of the largest car events on the west coast and it’s all BMW. Usually hosted at the Fontana Auto Club Speedway, Bimmerfest brings together BMW lovers from across the country in a single event featuring track events, vendors, and some of the craziest builds out there.

Sadly, COVID-19 has hit the car community hard and most big shows and events have been completely cancelled for the last two years. However, one of San Diego’s biggest BMW communities, SDBimmers, decided they would put on a Bimmerfest of their own. They threw their first San Diego Bimmerfest in 2020, but with car enthusiast starved for events and SDBimmers growing in size, they knew this event would be huge.

We had the opportunity to host the San Diego caravan to the event and had an awesome turnout at the shop. We drove up to the event in a huge fleet of BMWs and Richard’s E60 M5 and David’s red S54-powered E46 were both featured in VIP parking.

The event brought out a lot of BMW enthusiasts from across California with huge caravans coming down from Orange County and Los Angeles. We had the chance to see some of the craziest builds in the country and meet a lot of like-minded enthusiasts. San Diego Bimmerfest 2021 was definitely one for the books and can’t wait to see what SDBimmers puts on in the future.


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