About Us

Founded in 2009 by brothers David and Richard Mendoza, 2M Autowerks is a one stop shop in San Diego, California for everything automotive. Whether its OEM quality paintwork on your vehicle, basic service and maintenance, or a completely custom build, 2M has you covered!

In 2009, David and Richard opened a small shop fixing up and modifying E46 BMWs. They quickly became known for their high-quality paintwork and began to gain traction quickly working on other vehicles. With more and more business, they moved in to their current location in 2011. This facility is 5000 square feet and is equipped with two lifts, paint booth, and tire mounting and balancing machine.

In addition to founders to Richard and David, 2M now has a full time mechanic for performance installs and maintenance. They also teamed up with AP Upholstery to provide high quality custom upholstery to their customers.

2M still focuses on their BMW roots, but works on builds of all shapes and sizes. 2M has had the opportunity to work on many crazy custom builds such as 2M GT3 Widebody BMW F80 M3, the Ferrari 458 Swapped Scion FRS and the World’s First Molded Liberty Walk Nissan GT-R.

2M has also made a name for themselves with their own custom body kits and automotive parts. The 2M GT3 BMW F80 featured their own kit designed in house as well as their E46 M3 GTR kit. 2M continues to push the limits in the automotive community with their custom parts and kits, which can be purchased on their store.

2M continues to share their passion for cars with the world today and truly is a one stop shop for everything automotive.

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