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​Though we started out as an autobody shop, we have quickly become known for some of the insane builds that we’ve had the privilege of designing and creating. Almost nothing is out of the scope of our reach. Whether that’s building a racecar for the streets, or having some of the cleanest builds across the world, we are proud to have put our name and our touch to some of the most creative and envelope-pushing cars in the industry. Whatever your passion or motive, we’re here to put your ideas on the ground. Motor swaps, full body restorations and repaints, complete interior overhauls, custom fabrication, and even race prep and retrofits. And it doesn’t stop there. We are entirely capable of designing one-off cars with custom made panels, designed completely by hand in our shop. It’s just one of the many aspects of modifying cars that we’ve become so passionate about. You can see some of these cars here.

Recent Builds

Liberty Walk V.2 R35 GT-R ‘Guaczilla’

Liberty Walk V.2 R35 GT-R ‘Guaczilla’

When Jorge from Bespoke Teknic approached us in early 2018 about Guaczilla 2.0, we began drafting the plans for what would eventually become one of the most outrageous GT-R builds on the planet. Though the thought of installing the Liberty Walk Version 2 kit seems far...

2M GT3 #3

2M GT3 #3

2M GT3 #3 completed and ready to make its debut at Bimmerfest 2018 at Fonatana Auto Club Speedway.

Notable Builds

2016 BMW F80 2MGT3-001

Currently owned by influencer Jake Paul.

2017 BMW F80 2MGT3-002

Residing between London and Qatar.

2017 BMW F80 2MGT3-003

Roaming the streets of Los Angeles.

2016 Ferrari Powered Toyota FRS GT4586

Pro Drift exhibition car for Ryan Tuerk.

2017 Liberty Walk V.2 Molded Alpha 9 Nissan GT-R

Owned by Tanner Fox, SEMA featured.

2017 BMW Z4 GT3

SEMA featured build, currently in San Diego.

1998 Nissan S14 240SX #118

FormulaDrift car for Alec Hohnadell.

2001 BMW 330Ci S54 Widebody

2M Autowerks House build.

2004 BMW 330Ci Turbo

2M Autowerks House Build.

2001 BMW M3 GTR V10

2M Autowerks House Track Build.

1997 PTG BMW M3 GTR S54

2M Autowerks House Build.

1989 BMW E30 V10 Widebody

2M Autowerks House Build.

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